Greens promise bike link between Yarraman and Dandenong

The Greens candidate for Dandenong at this Saturday’s state election, Matthew Kirwan has promised $11 million to build a bike path between Yarraman and Dandenong.

Currently, the Djerring Trail runs from Caulfield to Yarraman station, north west of Dandenong. A bike lane already exists within Dandenong, along Walker st, however due to it’s lack of connection with key transport passages such as the Djerring trail, it has been described as a 'bike lane to nowhere'.

This will change if the Greens candidate for Dandenong picks up the seat as candidate Matthew Kirwan has committed to link the current end of the Djerring Trail at Yarraman station with the underutilised walker st bike path in central Dandenong.

This $11 million construction project would be part of a $2.5 billion commitment by the Greens’ to fund Active Transport. This ‘Big Bike Build’, mostly consisting of bike superhighways is expected to deliver hundreds of kilometers of safe and separated active transport infrastructure.

Kirwan’s proposal in applauded by the Dandenong City Council Mayor Eden Foster who was quoted in the Dandenong Star Journal as saying, “Council is pleased to now see the high level of support for this project at a state level and are very keen to see funding for this critical link provided as soon as possible,”.

Current council plans for the path include a section through Greaves Reserve, along Railway Parade  and onto George/Walker st into central Dandenong.

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