New website useful tool to combat bike theft

Media Release
30 November 2022

Bicycle Network has welcomed the new Tasmanian Police and Crimestoppers Bikelinc website as another tool to help Tasmanian bike owners combat theft.

“Finding your bike has been stolen is gut-wrenching, especially if you rely on it to get around,” Bicycle Network spokesperson Alison Hetherington said.

“Bikes aren’t just another possession, for many riders their bike is a source of joy: it’s what provides their fun on the weekend or is their main means of transport.

“Many owners put time and money into customising their bikes, so it’s not as easy as just replacing it if it gets stolen.

“And now more people are relying on e-bikes to get around, replacing a stolen bike can be an expensive exercise.

“Being able to register your bike on Bikelinc and report it as stolen straight away could increase the likelihood of it being recovered.

“It will also be a useful check for people wanting to buy a second-hand bike to make sure it hasn’t been reported stolen.

“While bike theft may be seen as a low-value crime, it means a lot to bike owners to know police are taking their loss seriously.

“It’s heartening to see Tasmania Police and Crime Stoppers putting in that extra effort to try and reunite people with their bikes.

“More than half of the Tasmanian households surveyed in the 2021 national cycling survey said they owned one or more bicycles, which if extrapolated could mean hundreds of thousands of bikes.

“It’s important bike owners understand the risk of theft by using a lock that is difficult to cut, ensuring garages are secure, and recording their bike’s details in case it’s stolen,” Ms Hetherington said.