Safety upgrade for Upfield Trail

Changes are planned for the messy intersection of the Upfield Trail at Union Street, Brunswick.

Although modest the upgrade will help riders and pedestrians negotiate the road crossing and entry into short Railway Place where the trail is on the road and shared with vehicles.

It will be helpful until to the project to remove the level crossings in Brunswick replaces this section of trail completely with a new alignment under the overhead track.

The City of Merri-bek is planning a new, raised threshold crossing of Railway Place at Union Street to complement the recently installed refuge Island.

The council says the raised threshold treatment will improve safety and accessibility for people using the intersection.

"Raised platforms at threshold treatments make it easier and safer for people walking as the grade is at the same level.

"Additionally, the raised threshold ramps will slow vehicles travelling in and out of Railway Place.”

Merri-bek is seeking feedback on the plan, which you can participate in here.

The council began this project in 2020 with aconcept plan to install an off-road shared path in Railway Place, and refuge island on Union Street, however there was insufficient space.

As Railway Place is a dead end, it would not be feasible to make it a one-way street, and as it is not appropriate for a laneway to be used as a road.

"We were initially proposing to turn Railway Place into a shared zone and remove parking. A shared zone is where people walking shared the road with people on bikes and in vehicles,” the council says.

"However, due to the recent announcement by the State Government to remove nine additional level crossings by elevate the Upfield rail it is expected that this section of the Upfield bike path will no longer run through Railway Place and will be relocated under the elevated train line.

"Therefore, the shared zone will no longer be an appropriate option."

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