A newly laid concrete path runs along the side of a hill with new plantings on the left of it and a stream at the bottom of the hill to the right, a bridge with a car on it can been seen in the background.
Tassie Bike News Bites
Kingborough secures track funds

Kingborough Council has scored much-needed state government funding to build an underpass under Summerleas Road on the Whitewater Creek Track.

The project will allow the council to keep developing Whitewater Creek as an alternative to riding on roads for people who live on that side of the highway and don’t need to stop at the shops.

The council has recently widened the track up to Summerleas Road so it’s now 3 metres width through to the new Kingston Park and new underpass under Huon Road.

In the next financial year it’s planning to extend the track through to Spring Farm Estate and to connect the track to the Twin Ovals with a new track.    

Southern Support School

Our Ride2School program has delivered a program of rider education at the Southern Support School in partnership with Reclink, helping more children with complex learning needs enjoy riding.

Reclink received a grant from My State Foundation to buy three trikes to help people with a disability who want to gain more confidence in riding. The trikes have been used in our Back on your Bike program but this is the first time they’ve been utilised for Ride2School.

The program was a big success with students riding for the first time or gaining more confident to ride, at the end of the three sessions two of the students were comfortable enough to try a ride on the Foreshore Trail.

A teenage boy rides a red adult tricycle on a concrete path while a smiling woman walks alongside him, a large gum tree takes up most of the background.

Mountain bike trails on kunanyi

Some badly behaved MTB riders have ruined fresh work on the Drops trail on kunanyi/Mt Wellington, delaying its re-opening by at least a week.

Wellington Trust has issued a cross rebuke to the culprits, who destroyed barriers to get on to the track, and is threatening to install cameras and issue fines to future offenders.

It says the re-opening of the Upper Luge track has also been delayed because of the shameful shredders and is interrupting construction of the new Free Wheel’n and Rocky Wheel’n trail.

Start of the Drops Track on kunanyi/Mt Wellington shows the plastic fencing torn down and the Don not enter sign hanging off the pole.