8-year-old Oscar takes on the Great Vic

At just eight years old, Oscar Helbig-Reimer independently rode the three day route of the Great Vic Bike Ride 2022 with his dad – such an impressive achievement to pedal the entire distance in the heat and headwind!

Read about Oscar's adventure in his own words:

The Great Victorian Bike Ride
By Oscar Helbig-Reimer – Grade 2/3C, Bayswater South Primary School 

Before my bike ride started, we drove to Mount Helen University (Ballarat) to start our journey. I got on a bus and drove to Apollo Bay. I camped at Apollo Bay. There was loud music and a movie.

On the next day we woke up, had breakfast and then started the first day. I rode about 4km and then we were on the Great Ocean Road, the only spot where the road was closed for the bike ride. About halfway through the Great Ocean Road, we stopped at a village with 3 or 4 shops. Later on, I had lunch and met a few little kids (they were being pulled behind the bikes). I was the youngest competing. I arrived at the camp site in Anglesea beating my record, riding 76 km.

The next day (day 2) was very, very hilly. At the end of that ride, it was 37 ̊C. 7 km into the ride I fell over. Ouch! I rode from Anglesea to Inverleigh (76km).

The 3rd day I just rode 63 km that was so hard. I had a head wind, and it was boiling hot. We arrived back at Mt Helen University. I zoomed up the road, jumping over every speed bump and through the finish line. We went into town, had ice cream and “drove home” (our car failed on us, while we were driving home).

I think a did a good job and I enjoyed riding with my dad.

Amazing job and so well written, Oscar! Oscar would also like to thank his Grade 2 teacher Frau Schmelzle at Bayswater South Primary School who encouraged him to share his experience in the school’s weekly bulletin.

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