Scotchmans Creek Trail goes wider

The attractive Scotchmans Creek Trail through Glen Waverley will be widened and upgraded in a new proposal from the City of Monash.

The trail has always been scenic, but not as relaxing as it deserves to be.

A compromised width and other shortcomings along the 13-km shared path have been subject to various upgrade projects over the years, resulting in a substantial lift in the quality of experience by riders and walkers.

Now, the next upgrade in the City of Monash is pending, and is on exhibition for comment.

Monash is planning to widen the path along a noticeably narrow section between Blackburn Road and Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, to meet the increasing demand for active transportation.

This has space constraints such as trees, the edge of the creek and level differences. Planned works include:

  • Upgrade of the existing path between Blackburn Road and Crosby Drive to a 3-metre-wide concrete shared path
  • Construction of a new 3-metre-wide concrete shared path between Crosby Drive and Waverley Road, alongside the existing gravel path
  • Removal of 7 trees in declining health and 5 small trees along the new section, with trunks to be repurposed as habitat logs for the area
  • Retaining of the existing two-metre wide path between Crosby Drive and Waverley Road as a scenic path for pedestrians only

The City of Monash has reached an in-principal agreement with Melbourne Water for the proposed works, and is now seeking feedback from the community up to 24 February 2013.

These upgrades have been in prospect for some time and have been carefully planned to enhance the environment, attract more healthy physical activity, and with the increase in use, provide greater passive surveillance to increase the security of the neighbourhood.

Make sure you have your say on this upgrade and turn the promise into reality.

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