Software detects cars blocking bike lanes in France

Cars and trucks blocking bike lanes are more than an inconvenience and can pose grave risks to rider safety, but a trial in France is exploring how savvy new software might make them a thing of the past. 

A three-month trial in Nice is testing a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan footage captured by cameras overlooking bike lanes, and automatically detects vehicles parked where they shouldn't be. 

Six cameras were installed in early December. The AI algorithm analyzes the footage in real-time and identifies cars, trucks and two-wheeled motor vehicles parked on the bike path. 

Vehicles that remain in the lane for more that one minute will trigger an alarm in the city's Urban Surveillance Center, where a human operator then issues an infraction if the infringement is verified. 

The City of Nice sees the measure as an innovative solution to boost the safety of people who ride bikes, while also streamlining traffic. 

According to English language news site The Connexionan average of 50 parking infringements have been identified daily since the system was installed. 

The technology, developed in France, will be rolled our to other trouble spots around Nice if the trial is deemed a success. 

The video below, shared on Twitter by the City of nice, offers a look at the system in action. 

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