Junction now joined for City-Bondi connection

The last leg of a key bike route through Bondi Junction has been completed, offering riders an attractive route from the city towards the coastal beaches.

The finishing touches were recently added to the final 210-metre section along Oxford Street, forming a vital connection with an existing cycleway at the northeastern corner of Centennial Park.

With this section of the Bondi Junction Cycleway complete, riders can now enjoy a separated journey through the vibrant commercial center, from Bondi Road at one end to Oxford Street at the other.

Waverley Council opened the Bondi Junction Cycleway to the public in June 2022, though the final section west of St James Road remained a work in progress.

With this stretch of the cycleway now operational, usage has reached an all-time high according to Waverley Council, with 7,500 trips being taken each week.

Construction on the Bondi Junction Cycleway project began in August 2019 after a long wait and with the long-time support of Bicycle Network and local bicycle user group BIKEast.

And it wasn't without controversy, with a long-running battle between shop owners and the council culminating in a legal bid to stop the project soon after work got underway.

Active transport proved the ultimate winner, with the cycleway now in full swing and offering bike riders a peaceful route through the Bondi CBD, separated from motor traffic.

Credit: Annabel Osborne Photography

"I am delighted that this project is now complete and allows people of all ages and abilities, including families, to hop on a bike and travel safely to their chosen destination," said Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos.

"It also means fewer cars are on the road as people hop on their bikes instead of jumping into their cars. Throughout this project, Council has been working closely with our local businesses to support their needs during construction and we really value these relationships.

"We know that a separated cycleway is best practice infrastructure, and we thank cyclists and pedestrians for taking the time to keep an eye out for each other along the route to help keep each other safe.”

The council is inviting the public to join in an official opening of the new section on Thursday 9 March between 7:00am and 9:00am.

Lead image courtesy of: Annabel Osborne Photography 

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