Darwin floats reduced speeds for its CBD
The City of Darwin is casting an eye to the future and proposing reduced speed limits to make its CBD more compatible with alternative modes of transport. 
The vision includes more bike paths and the conversion of council car parking spaces into areas for outdoor dining and other business activities.
The proposed speed reductions benefit bike riders and active travellers, but also residents, local businesses, community organisations and patrons of the city's entertainment precinct. 
Council research on driver behavior in Darwin has shown that more than 85% of motorists in the CBD already drive at or below 40 km/h, suggesting that lowering speed limits from 50 km/h to 40 km/h would be appropriate for many sections of road.
"Although the CBD speed limit is 50 km/h our study showed drivers are already driving to the conditions and driving below the speed limit," says Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis.
"While states like Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria have reduced speed limits, we don’t think a 30 km/h speed limit would be suitable for Darwin."
The council points to the positives of low-speed city centres seen elsewhere in Australia, which include the promotion of micro-mobility and active transport, along with economic, social and environmental benefits.
An online survey invites the community to offer feedback on the proposed changes to speed limits in the Darwin CBD, and the introduction of "defined bicycle lanes".
“More people are riding bikes to work nowadays and it’s something we want to encourage because it fits with City of Darwin’s aim for a cleaner greener city. But we have to find a way of safely accommodating bike riders in our road safety mix," says Cr Vatskalis. 
The survey closes at 5:00pm Friday April 14 and can be accessed here.

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