Saying thankyou at our National Volunteer Week ceremony

Much of what we do at Bicycle Network wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our hardworking volunteers, and National Volunteer Week offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate their invaluable contributions.

The generosity of the Super Counts volunteers who stand on our streets collecting important data, the trash collection crew who sweep the campgrounds on the Great Vic Bike Ride and the many hands making light work at our workshop is the lifeblood of Bicycle Network. It makes our whole organisation tick.

A special ceremony was held on Wednesday 17 May, during National Volunteer Week, to mark this dedication.

“National Volunteer Week is one of the most important events on the Bicycle Network calendar and an incredible opportunity for us to say thanks for all that our volunteers do to support our organisation and bike riders across Australia," says Bicycle Network's Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Cunningham.

"It's also a great opportunity to celebrate some amazing individual achievements and it's such an honour to be able to recognise our most loyal and dedicated volunteers with Honour Board recognition and life membership," says Cunningham.

Eight names were added to the Bicycle Network Honour Board, recognising those who have served on the board for at least five years, or volunteered in another capacity for seven — and donated at least 50 hours of time on events:

  • Andrew and Rob Smith
  • Bruce Traill
  • James Garriock
  • Malcom Smith
  • Richard Crompton
  • Roger Nichols
  • Kate Kellett
  • Lee Turner

Life Membership was awarded to a further nine volunteers who have volunteered for more than 10 years and donated at least 50 hours of time on events in each of those years:

  • Andrea Burgess
  • Frank Coppens
  • Gary Young
  • Katelyn Gigante
  • Nickie Reid
  • Peter Dodd
  • Stewart Livingston
  • Sue Mylius
  • Tim Austin

A full list of Honour Board and Life Members can be found here.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer yourself, there are opportunities to get involved at this year's United Energy Around the Bay, Great Vic Bike Ride, Newcrest Orange Challenge and with our team in Tasmania. Head over to our Volunteer page to find out more!