Before shot showing large variable messaging sign blocking half a narrow shared path with a person riding past and an after image that shows the sign on a wider section of path and a man walking past showing the extra space.
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Don’t stand for signs blocking paths

Most bike riders are used to encountering signs in bike lanes or on shared paths, however, they don't need to put up with it.

Signs for events or worksites need to be ticked off by the road owner, which is the Department of State Growth for major roads and the local council for other roads. The SNAP SEND SOLVE app is an easy way to send a complaint or just email your local council or

When it’s pointed out that signs create a hazard for bike riders, most site and road managers move them to a safer position.

In Hobart recently, Bicycle Network was pleased that an event organiser responded swiftly to a complaint about a sign that had been set up in the wrong spot on one of the city’s busiest shared paths, moving it  within hours.

Cycles, coffee and chat

Our Hobart social rides volunteers have decided to get together to chat about cycles over coffee and are welcoming Bicycle Network members who'd like to get to know other local riders.

The regular catch-up will be on the first Friday of the month, with the first one at Jam Packed (tables at front outside) at 27 Hunter Street on Friday 2 June between 11.30am and 12.30pm.

Drop in for a coffee or stay for a meal, the only requirement is you come ready to roll out your interest in all things bikes!

Bicycles lined up along a fence outside cafe seating.
Bridgewater works limit bike access

Bridgewater Bridge works will close the northern end of Main Road, Granton on Wednesday 24 May, which means people on bicycles will have to ride in the traffic lane on the highway if heading towards Hobart.

A new ramp will take riders off the highway to Black Snake Road and Main Road but a work site on the water's edge will extend past that intersection.

Work sites on other side of the river also mean you cannot ride along the bank. All updates on the changing footprint of worksites and access roads and paths are available at:

Map of the Granton side of the Bridgewater Bridge, showing the areas that are now worksites and the road routes that are open.

Launceston bike library needs your vote

A reminder that the Great Regional City Challenge vote closes on 28 May so if you want a Launceston bike library to get up, get your fingers tapping.

To vote for the bike library and four other projects that take your fancy, visit and head to the projects page.

The bike library would lend or hire bikes cheaply for people who can’t afford to buy a bike and is being proposed by the Tamar Bicycle Users Group, Reclink Australia, the Big Picture School, University of Tasmania and Youth Futures.

Hobart mayors call for more cycleway funding

Greater Hobart mayors have raised expectations for more cycleway funding in today's state government budget, telling The Mercury newspaper they were looking for $6 million.

Clarence Mayor Brendan Blomeley said expanding the pathway network across Greater Hobart would complement ferries and ease traffic congestion.

“Supporting active transport options such as bikes and scooters while helping to reduce pressure on our road network,” Mr Blomeley said.

“Further funding is required to accelerate this work and deliver the network across Greater Hobart. This will be important to integrate and get right, particularly as the State Government looks to expand the Derwent Ferry network.”