Ride to four corners of the country set for grand finale

Two years ago, Tommy Quick began an epic ride to visit four corners of the country on his recumbent bicycle and raise money for, and awareness of, the incidence of stroke in young adults.

Tommy suffered a stroke at the age of 12 and, while it changed his life forever, it set him on a path to promote social inclusion and research to help young stroke victims.

He started his 9000km ride to the four most extreme points of mainland Australia at the western tip of Western Australia in August 2021, and will arrive in Melbourne next weekend.

Tommy's 4 Points journey took him across the Nullarbor, to the southern tip of Victoria, the eastern point of Australia in Cape Byron, and all the way to the northern tip of the continent at Cape York.

The testing weather and gruelling nature of a 9000km bike ride proved challenging enough, but Tommy's resilience was tested in unexpected ways.

In 2021, Tommy was struck by a car. The collision left him with significant injuries and required a year of rehabilitation. He used this downtime to create a clothing line to further promote his cause – but it wasn't long until he was back on his recumbent bike.

Tommy's will was soon tested again by intense traffic and an abusive driver who not-so-kindly suggested he get off the road.

"From there I took a next-day kind of attitude," Tommy says. "You live in the present, but if you can't do it today, just come back tomorrow and try again."

And that's what he did, every day, drawing closer to the finish line at the Footscray Rowing Club on Sunday 22 October. Dozens of riders are expected to join Tommy on the home stretch and across the finish line, and more will be waiting to cheer him on.

Tommy participated in five days of the Great Vic Bike Ride in 2022, and will this year take on the full nine-day Snowy to Sea adventure from Orbost to Wonthaggi. He considers it a "victory lap" following his journey of a lifetime.

If you want to support Tommy's cause, visit the 4 Points website for more information where you'll find links to donate and buy his merchandise.

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