Chandler Highway lanes modified for building project

Riders along the Chandler Highway route in Alphington will notice temporary changes to the bike lane configuration due to a construction project within the former paper mill site.

Builders needed to close the path adjacent to the site during working hours to obtain access to the development site on the east side of the highway. 

A complex set of staged traffic management arrangements, which vary between time of day and periods of construction activity, has been put in place. 

The Chandler Highway through this part of Alphington has a unique set of bike facilities with a unidirectional bike lane on each side, but with a two-way shared path on the old rail bridge on the east side of the road.

Significant numbers of road riders use the route to connect to the Boulevard circuit just over the Yarra River.

Pedestrians also use the path to connect to the trail along the Yarra.

The solution, carefully developed by the builder Ironside and the City of Yarra, with input from Bicycle Network, has enabled the route to be kept open with only minor impacts on riders and pedestrians.

Riders should note that loading bays positioned on the path in front of the site will be closed during work times.The bays have been fitted with bollards and screens to ensure protection for riders in the bike lane during working hours.

The southbound bike lane on the road will remain open during works but southbound pedestrians will need to cross to the other side of the highway towards the underpass at the bridge.

Northbound riders will be unable to use the shared path on the old rail bridge. They will be directed to cross to the west side of the highway at the Yarra to use the northbound bike lane, which has been separated from traffic with affixed bollards. 

Northbound pedestrian can use to old bridge to cross the Yarra and can then use the underpass on the north side to get to the west side of the highway. 

Outside of working hours the path on the eastern sides reverts to pre-existing conditions.

The builder will undertake regular sweeping of the lane to keep it clear of loose stones. 

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