Street upgrade brings benefits for bikes

The planned upgrade of Maddox Road in Newport will add improved bike facilities to a busy road with a school and multiple sports facilities.

The road links to important bike routes at Mason Street in the north and the Coast Trail (Bay Trail) in Williamstown at the southern end.

The upgrade is primarily a traffic calming and pedestrian safety initiative on a section of the street in a residential precinct with too much fast traffic.

The City of Hobson Bay has been investigating, planning and consulting on the project and has concept plans to put to the council next month.

The final round of consultation ends on 10 December. Have your say here.

A strong emphasis has been placed on improving intersections and crossings along the street.

In stage one proposes a a grade-separated bike lane for the north-bound side of the street. If the council approves the project, detailed design will be underway early next year.

A future stage, not yet in planning, will consider options for upgrading the south-bound bike facility.

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