Torquay to get central bike route

Torquay has selected Fischer Street as the future north-south bike route through the coastal town.

Like many resort towns on Victoria’s coastline, where residents and visitors are keen to get out on their bikes for healthy exercise, safe, attractive facilities have been desperately lagging.

Following community consultation Surf Coast Shire has selected Fischer Street to connect the developing areas to the north through to the centre of town.

The street is spacious and connects well to local services and attractions and offers safe road links to Deep Creek and The Esplanade.

Surf Coast Shire plans to equip the route with an all-abilities facility, to be designed once funding is secured.

The shire says road treatment options from upgrading intersections to help separate bikes and cars to more extensive works such as installing separated bike lanes will be considered. 

Meanwhile a suite safety upgrades will be undertaken along the route next year, including a Dutch-style roundabout at the corner of Fischer Street and Inshore Drive.

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