Walmer Street Bridge ready to re-open

Workers are racing to complete the connections to the Walmer Street Bridge in Abbotsford and get the Main Yarra Trail crossing of the Yarra operational before the holidays.

The upgraded approaches to the structure on the Kew side of the river have been completed by the City of Boroondara and the ramp to the new Walmer Plaza on the south side is due to open this Friday.

But the key link – the ramp up from the path along the Yarra Bank – may not be able to be finished by Friday’s deadline.

The Abbotsford works are being undertaken by Salta, the developer of the adjacent apartment blocks, which incidentally, are said to contain excellent bike facilities for residents.

The river crossing at this bridge has been closed for an inordinate period, resulting in riders being detoured via the Cape of Good Hope as they experienced 18 months of detours. 

With that all that behind us, riders along the Main Yarra Trail now await completion of works to build another ramp at the Gipps Street Steps.

See the detour map for Gipps Street here.

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