Parkiteers Now Open at Greensborough, Montmorency & Deer Park

Between October and December last year, 3 new Parkiteer facilities have been opened thanks to the Level Crossing Removal Project on Mt Derrimut Road and the Hurstbridge line duplication projects.

Deer Park Station

The opening of the new Deer Park station, which also saw the removal of the 68th level crossing at Mt Derrimut Road, boasts an air-conditioned waiting room, a multi-bay bus interchange and a brand-new Parkiteer with 60 bike parking spaces, our largest yet.

The new facility sees 2 doors for entrance and exit to facilitate the flow of traffic during peak times. Members who registered for Deer Park's Parkiteer will be able to access both doors.

Greensborough and Montmorency Station

In order to reduce crowding on peak trains, new modern stations were built at Greensborough and Montmorency station, alongside a 2km rail duplication of the track between these 2 stations.

In conjunction with safer and easier access around the stations, the stations will also have a Parkiteer facility each, providing a combined total of 52 secure bike parking spaces. A new shared user path between the stations will also provide safe and easy access, linking the Plenty River Trail and station forecourts.