Footscray Road trail opens

The Footscray Road bike route was re-opened on Tuesday and the new alignment delivers a very quick and uncomplicated trip to and from the city.

After an infernally long closure as a result of the industrial dispute at a Port of Melbourne terminal riders from Footscray and suburbs to the south-west no longer have to make the long trip to Docklands via Dynon Road and West Melbourne.

The queueing trucks that were blocking the trail have melted away as the Port returns to normal activity.

The Department of Transport and Planning reported that the path was been freshly swept and checked for safety prior to opening.

With rider numbers climbing rapidly again as commuters return to work after the holiday break, the route along the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail will now be less congested.

Riders talking the route along the Creek will have noticed that the crossing point at Footscray Road has reverted to the old position close to the Creek at the traffic signals.

Riders have been observed crossing while the lights are red. This is folly, especially in a construction zone where drivers in the other direction may be distracted by building activities.

This is also where the turn-off to the Footscray Road trail is currently located.

Riders just coming back to work will also have noticed that there is a new local diversion down St Mangos Lane as works ramp up on the new cable stay bridge over Footscray Road. That detour remains in place until March.

Work on the cable stay bridge is reaching a critical, and high visible stage, with both green poles erected. Soon the beam across Footscray Road will be positioned while the suspension cables will be strung and tensioned.

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