Exhibition Street upgrade underway

A new permanent separated bike lane is being delivered in the Exhibition Street theatre precinct and will replace the temporary facilities. 

Although the main focus of the project is to improve the street for theatre crowds, the bike lane upgrade will match the rest of the street when the pop-up bike lanes are upgraded to more durable materials.

Works start this week and continue through to mid-year.

There will be some disruption, however, bikes will be able to continue through and around the works area under traffic management.

Some drainage works will have a bigger impact, but they will be undertaken at night when fewer riders are about.

Construction hours will be 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with occasional overnight and weekend work.

Streetscape improvements will extend from Little Lonsdale Street to Bourke Street, delivering upgraded footpaths, new trees, new bike lanes and bigger pedestrian spaces outside Her Majesty’s Theatre and the Comedy Theatre.

As well as the bike facilities, the project includes:

  • Creating a wider footpath with new bluestone pavers.
  • Installing garden beds with plants and trees, helping to cool the area in the warmer months.
  • Upgrading the existing bike lane to make it safer for all road users and pedestrians.
  • Installing new street furniture such as seats, bike hoops and bluestone blocks.
  • Upgrading the storm water drains and irrigation system.
  • Installing new electrical power outlets.
  • Improving the layout of parking bays.

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