More action needed on road safety for bike riders
Better enforcement of dangerous driver behaviour, including citizen reporting, and reduced local speed limits, are some of the key recommendations of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the impact of road safety behaviours on vulnerable road users.

Bicycle Network CEO Alison McCormack welcomes the report, including recommendations to promote the benefits of slower speed zones, but says police enforcement must go beyond calls for a more visible presence.
McCormack says the Legislative Assembly Economy and Infrastructure Committee’s call for the government to adopt a road-user hierarchy that protects vulnerable road users is "spot-on", and will help legitimise bike riders and pedestrians.
The committee's report records the fact that  bike riders, pedestrians and motorcyclists made up 36% of all lives lost on Victorian roads in 2023. 
It also says "complementary approaches are needed to change behaviour and protect vulnerable road users", including  "enforcement and infrastructure that separates vulnerable road users from motor vehicles and that guides motorists to slow down in areas with high volumes of bike riders and pedestrians".
Bicycle Network made a submission to the inquiry and many of our comments and suggestions were included in the 56 recommendations put to the government by the committee.

  • Revised speed zoning policy for local streets
  • Minimise suburban rat running and reduce speed limits around school precincts and activity centres
  • Promote the installation of protected bike lanes
  • Support the creation of cycling infrastructure on all new major roads
  • Report on the implementation of Coroners’ recommendations on road fatalities
  • Report on the proportion of the transport budget allocated to active transport
  • Delivery of targeted regional road safety campaigns
  • Driver education through licence and registration.

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