July 2018

Bikes great for business in Denmark

More bikes in the street is more than just a fashion trend – it is at the core productivity and growth – according to Denmark’s top business lobby.

Bike Futures shows Tassie the (cycle)way

On 5 July about 100 engineers, planners, designers, researchers and decision-makers from local and state government, private business and the University of Tasmania came together to hear why separated cycleways are a good idea for Tasmania.

Moving from cars to active transport

Tackling Tasmania’s car addiction is the first step towards moving people towards active transport options according to our Bike Futures presenter and transport planner, Knowles Tivendale.

Share bikes come to Canberra

As more dockless share bike companies quit Australia, Canberra is readying itself for its own share bike trial.
Car driver using mobile phone

Drivers missing texting message

An alarming new study has found that people who drive are more concerned with the “fear of missing out” than by the fear of crashing while texting and driving.

Footpath riding pressure mounts

Pressure to increase the age of footpath riding continues in NSW thanks to help from Independent Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich.

Dutch experience provides blueprint

The recent Bike Futures seminar heard from Dr Elliot Fishman, fresh from his latest study tour of The Netherlands, on how infrastructure can encourage cycling.